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Name: Erwin Smith (エルヴィン・スミス)
Gender/age: Male, 30.
Afflication: Dean of Survey House.
Species: Human.
Status: Alive.

My name is Erwin Smith, I'm a 30 year old ex military commander that is now a high school anatomy teacher. I will give respect if you respect me. Any further information can be followed up with an appointment or in my ask box.

Teacher Gossip


"I’m surprised to hear that about you." Levi commented. Erwin was a very handsome man. Though he knew little of his romantic endeavors he assumed such things came easily to him. It was strange to think that he had never been in love. He was surely capable of it.

Levi was silent for a moment after his question.

"No. No it’s not love. Confusion. Delusion. Some shit." he said taking another drink.

"What about the bloke you’re dating now? Is he good boyfriend material or what?" he asked. Genuinely interested and also eager to deflect attention from himself.

"The guy I’m dating now isn’t good for dating, he’s good for a fuck here and there."  Erwin openly admitted, finishing the very last of his warm drink.  The blonde cleaned the rum off his bottom lip with the tip of his tongue, pushing himself back in his chair.  

"Are you in delusion with Petra?"  He asked, taking more mental notes of how they are together.  "You know you don’t have to hide anything from me, you’re my best friend."


young and reckless

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Teacher Gossip


"Are you shitting me? What’s more fun that spending an evening with a bunch of brats? It’s romantic as hell, I would know, I’m a master of romance and intrigue." His words were slurred slightly. He didn’t usually drink this much.

He hadn’t been drunk since it was illegal for him to drink.

He nodded in agreement. “It’s all a bit cheesy. But cheesy is romantic when you think you’re in love.”

Looking at the light brown liquid in his crystal glass, he hunched over and listened to Levi’s words of wisdom when it came to romance.  ”I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been in love.”  He muttered into his glass, looking at his drunk friend through his glass.  Master of romance and intrigue, the words rang through his head.  ”When have you ever done something romantic, Levi?”

He thought for a second on Levi’s last statement.

"Are you in love?"

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